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The aim of The Guilde - is to bring to you a period in history known as the 80 years war and the 30 years war.

We are known as - "The League of Extraordinary Re-enactors" ! 

We have slipped neatly into a niche for a large group based on a single regiment, that has multiple companies capable of portraying various units from the period 1570 - 1650.                                                                                                                                        

Training will be held in the Midlands, we are high on authenticity ~ however we are not fuddy duddy’s and you won’t find any fashion or stitch counting police here. We have all agreed that re-enacting should be ‘fun' as well as entertaining and educational. It is a hands-on marvellous hobby, with great camaraderie/social evenings too.


We have very high standards of drill, utilising period drill books and military strategies of 16th and 17th Century.


The Guilde are offering you the chance to belong to a unique group ~ following historical stratagem, not only are we about fighting men, we also travel with  our own historical camp which is functional rather than ornamental ~ we will show you how we live, what we wear, what we cook and eat, how we entertain ourselves. It is truly a different world from now, where both our menfolk and womenfolk although having different skill sets, had equally important roles in keeping the trayned band together.


We don't separate ourselves from our visitors, who will most likely ask us many questions and we will be happy to explain, the whys and wherefores. We all have a story to tell how we became part of this trayned band.


Our group is like a family, we look out for one another, we comfort and encourage one another, we work hard together.                                 We are very family friendly and openly encourage whole families to join us,

it wasn't unusual to find a whole family in a group of trayned band soldiers, sometimes it was the only home they had.


We share our duties and all take our turn on guard duty, we share whatever we have ~ our skills are those of the period, we are portraying.

Our skills include: drumming, swordsmanship, cooking, sewing, weapon cleaning, archery, water carriers, wood cutters, ball making, leather working and many more.


We even have our own Tavern, Called the Pale Horse, where our soldiers can be seen relaxing in between chores and training.


We have wares to sell: pottery of the period, aprons, pictures of musketeers to colour, copies of the recipes used, herbal remedy recipes (tried and tested), and much more.


If you would like to join us, please see the recruitment page.

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