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17th February Living History in Worcester 

Pre season meeting for Guilde Members only 2nd March 2019.
First May bank holiday - awaiting date confirmation.

25th – 26th May Bourtange (Starfort in The Netherlands)

18th – 20th October Groenlo (The Netherlands)

Musket training.

Mummers play rehearsal and much more. 



Individuals (over 16 years old)                     £15


Payment is preferable via bank transfer but there are other alternatives please email us for details:

You will receive a membership card, a set of the rules of the group, a copy of our constitution and order despatches before any events.


Please find Membership form for you to download on the right of the screen.

Either email the completed form to: or post to The Guilde c/o 52, Scropton Road Hatton Derbyshire DE65 5DS


The Rules of The Guilde are not many, but it's important that you read them thoroughly, if you feel that you can't comply with them, then we would be sorry to lose you, but maybe The Guilde isn't for you.

  1. Politics have NO place here, current or otherwise, there's no room for nit- picking or whingeing either.

  2. Any grievances or disputes with the group or an individual will be dealt with via email through admin DO NOT put it on face book.

  3. We expect respect at all times, to our hosts, the general public, to one another and to your commanding officers.

  4. Children are the responsibility of their family.

  5. No one under the age of 18 years old or anyone without a valid appropriate certificate will be allowed on the battlefield with a live musket.

  6. In its place alcohol is fine and we do want you to enjoy yourself however, be aware whilst the public is around no-one will imbibe, I know we now have our own Tavern, during ‘working hours’ your ale will be shandy at best.

  7. The using of mobile phones during ‘working hours’ is prohibited. All mobiles will be turned off – the obligatory contact number will be with me (Jeni).








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