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The first part of our mission (into the past) is to further our aims to replicate authentic historical roles for soldiers and civilians alike.

We have the opportunity to make our mark in re-enactment as being skilled, professional and entertaining.


We are known as “The League of Extra-Ordinary Re-enactors” and have invitations to appear in The Netherlands and further afield too as well as in UK.


We believe that no one should be type cast, that’s why on our membership forms along side all the legal beagle stuff, there’s an option to tell us what you’re good at, what you’d like to achieve, what special skills you have, even if you think it’s nothing to do with re-enactment.


Ask us about the Devil’s Band!


We are seeking to recruit individuals and/or groups:


·         Musketeers

·         Pikemen

·         Archers

·         Drummers

·         Musicians (military and social)

·         Swordsmen

·         Ensigns (over 6ft)

·         Surgeon – this position is now filled.

·         Tavern serving women

·         Camp steward – this position is now filled.

·         Wenches

·         Cooks

·         Skilled people experienced in western martial arts

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